Why lots of young athletes are retiring at an early age?

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"Oh, that guy is going to be a superstar!" After a few years, you hear he is retired. Sounds familiar? Find out the possible reasons!
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Not everyone who wishes to become an athlete one day makes it to the top. It’s actually sad that a lot of young athletes quit before they even get to start.

What might of the reasons why young and talented athletes are retiring even before the real career has started?

The main reason why kids quit sports is that it won’t be as enjoyable once it gets hard.

There are actually studies that show that most 11- year old kids quit doing sports mainly because it’s not fun for them anymore. According to a survey done in 2019, an average kid spends less than 3 years doing sports.

As I mentioned, one of the reasons why young athletes quit is that at one point in life, sports can get really difficult and hard.

The second thing is putting your kid into different practices isn’t the cheapest.

Influence from home

Growing up in an athletic family can put a lot of pressure on you. It’s almost never intentional, but this kind of pressure might actually make you want to quit.

Let the kids choose whether they like the sport or not

When you grow up in an athletic family, it might seem like failure is never an option. This kind of influence is negative, even if no one’s doing this on purpose, it still might come across as a negative influence.

Lack of a support system

Having a great support system is important for everyone, especially when you’re starting your athletics career. Not having a great support system can most likely make or break your career.

The support system isn’t all about just being there for you mentally. It’s also about having that financial support. If you are already an outstanding athlete, then yes, you may already have sponsorships waiting for you.

But it’s not the option for everyone. After school, a lot of athletes go to university and find a job, so doing sports at a high level, studying and working might be a problem.

These things don’t work together, so naturally, you’re not giving your 100% to everything and this will lead to quitting one of the three activities. In many cases that would be quitting a sports career.

man in depression
Studying, working and doing sports at high level can be quite stressful

To reduce the struggle of dealing with multiple things at the same time, you might want to consider it by starting to use smart goals.

Partying and alcohol

Also, alcohol and partying play a huge role in a young athlete’s life. Alcohol is a drink that is used to relax and have some fun.

Professional athletes are most likely to stay away from alcohol and solely focus on their careers.

But with young athletes, it’s can become really hard to stay away from partying and focus on your athletics career.

Alcohol can cloud your judgment and take away your motivation to train what could end up with you quitting.

The lack of self-confidence

There are a lot of things that can make you less confident. Switching your coaches and trying different techniques can be one of the reasons.

If you’re not a very confident athlete, it will be really hard to find the right rhythm for you. Not being confident could be one of the biggest obstacles an athlete has to concur.

I personally believe that some athletes are born to do individual events and others have to belong to a team.

Doing individual sports can come with a lot of pressure and not everyone has the confidence or strength to make the most from it. So with that being said, being in a team is a lot easier, because you’re not solely responsible for the outcome.

Follow your heart and do the sports you love

When you are a team-player in your heart, but you’re pushed to do an individual sport, this will most likely break you and make you quit.

Want to improve your self-confidence? You might start working on your mental health and psychology!


The lack of self-confidence could be the start of many problems. For example injuries.

First of all, this can lead to serious overtraining because you’re not feeling good enough. When this injury has already happened, this won’t give you back your confidence; it’s actually the opposite.

For example, being a part of a volleyball team, it’s tough to come back from an injury and to get the same position back before the injury. When someone’s injured, the staff will always find a replacement for that player.

Not to crush anyone’s dreams, but that’s the reality, and sometimes we just have to accept that.

Injuries are a part of sports. Don’t let them break your dreams

It’s never a one-way street, so even if you know you’re going to be replaced during the time you’re injured, take advantage of that. Come back stronger than ever and be confident!

Don’t let injuries affect your dreams

The lack of confidence will be the first thing they will notice about you and soon enough they’ll take advantage of that. To get back your self-confidence, I think it starts with who you surround yourself with.

Having the right people around you will definitely help you come back as a stronger athlete and keep you from quitting.


Overall, there are numerous reasons why an athlete might quit. Some reasons might come from home and others from within the athlete itself.

To prevent this kind of thing from happening, the most important thing is to have a great support system.

The second thing is to pay close attention to your body to avoid overtraining.

At the end of the day, injuries and lack of motivation are one of the biggest reasons why a young athlete might be even thinking about quitting.

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