MuvBud – What, Why and Who?

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What is MuvBud? Is it just an awesome name for our blog or is there something bigger behind it? In this post, you will find out what MuvBud really is and get a sneak peek of what is coming!
muvbud description

What is MuvBud?

MuvBud is an athlete development management platform, which provides tools for analytics and communication. The core of the platform is built around athletes and coaches.

It will make it as easy as possible to interact and share information between them.

MuvBud enables data aggregation from different devices/platforms and provides useful analytics for the coaching staff, athletes, physios and even team managers.

Why did we create MuvBud?

At one point Oliver and Denis realized that to improve themselves they need more. They have to have a clear overview of their current situation and also have a plan for the future.

Moreover, playing a team sport, they often found that sharing even the smallest bit of information (like change in training time) was cumbersome.

This is when they realized that it shouldn’t be that hard and time-consuming.

The main goal of MuvBud is to simplify all the other activities around practices and let the users focus on their main goal. To improve and win.

With the platform, we are putting in a lot of effort to provide the user with all the required information in a useful way to make conscious and thought-out decisions.

Thinking through your next steps and having good communication with the coaching staff can vastly increase the quality of training and hence improve the results in competition.

Not to mention that having up-to-date info about your physical and mental state can avoid long periods without training due to injuries or mental breakdowns. This is what MuvBud is, your best buddy outside of the sports hall.

prototype muvbud, sketch

Who are the minds behind MuvBud?

The core team of MuvBud consists of specialists who have been part of sport one way or another. They are determined to help other athletes avoid common mistakes, be healthy and more importantly train with an active mind.

MuvBud team
The core team of MuvBud from left to right – Denis Losnikov, Joonas Kaljumäe, Oliver Orav, and Ahto Orav

Oliver Orav

One of the three founders and has the responsible role of a CEO.

Having studied information technology and business management, he is actively trying to find solutions to automate day-to-day activities.

The initial idea of MuvBud and digitalizing the training diary came from him. Even though MuvBud has become much more than just a diary, he still feels that the core has stayed. Using IT to help with everyday activities.

muvbud ceo oliver orav
Oliver Orav is responsible for leading MuvBud and developing the platform.

Oliver is also a professional volleyball player. He has won several Estonian Championship titles and has been part of the Estonian national volleyball team.

To add to that, he has also played and coached indiaca teams and won indiaca World Cup in 2015 and runner-up in 2019 with three teams.

As an athlete, the main problem for him is how to train effectively and measure the changes. Oliver wants to create a platform that can help to make the decisions consciously and have all the possible data in one place.

Having a central hub for communication and info sharing can reduce the time for side activities. This will give time for the more important stuff – training and resting.

Denis Losnikov

Also one of the founders and joined Oliver in the beginning.

He has studied product development and marketing and is helping the team with his expertise in (digital) marketing.

Denis has been a sports team manager and an active athlete. Therefore has valuable insights on how to design the product with athletes, coaches, and clubs in mind.

muvbud one of the founders denis losnikov
Denis Losnikov has a wide knowledge of digital marketing and sales. 

Like said, Denis is an athlete. He has been playing volleyball for 15 years, from which 8 of them on a professional level.

Denis was the best youth player in 2013 and since then has won various titles as a member of the Estonian national men volleyball team and Selver Tallinn volleyball club.

Denis wants to help players and sports teams to reach the absolute top of the world. Additionally, he says: “Athletes tend to train very superficially and not go much into details.

Many of them, especially younger ones, don’t have the know-how to analyze themselves and often focus on the wrong aspects of the sport.

MuvBud could be the tool that enables them to get back on the (correct) track and reach new levels.”

Joonas Kaljumäe

He is the last one to join the team and has become a valuable member of his open mind and out-of-the-box thinking.

He has studied marketing and entrepreneurship and is helping the team with sales.

Also, recently he decided to go back to university to study information technology.

Joonas has worked multiple years in tourism and accommodation, but in the past few years as a manager in the family business.

muvbud partner joonas kaljumäe
Joonas Kaljumäe is open-minded and has experience in entrepreneurship and sales.

Even though Joonas has not been a professional athlete, he has done different sports since kindergarten. He has done competition dancing, tennis and been part of the youth football team. Still, for the last ten years, he has actively played basketball and been a fan of the NBA.

Joonas sees MuvBud as a tool to help athletes all over the world to stop making irrational decisions. He says that there are only two things in the world, health and time, that cannot be bought with any kind of money.

He believes that our platform will help a lot of sportsmen to save time and encourage them to focus on keeping their body and mind healthy.

Ahto Orav

One of the founders of MuvBud and is helping the team with his knowledge in entrepreneurship and management.

He has had an executive role in multiple different companies and is currently the head of the Estonias largest private education concern.

Muvbud partner and coach Ahto Orav
Ahto Orav is an experienced manager, recognized trainer, consultant, and ILM certified mentor.

Ahto has used his leadership and management skills by founding the International Indiaca Association and Estonian Indiaca Federation (also president 1999-2007). Since then, Ahto has played an active role in the Indiaca community as a player, coach, and referee.

He has been an active amateur athlete for all of his life in different sports – tennis, volleyball, indiaca. With indiaca, he has won numerous titles and runner-ups, but the most important ones for him are the World Championship wins in 2004 and 2013 as a player and 2017 as a coach.

Having seen the different elements of sports, Ahto feels that today’s sport lacks a great platform for managing athletes development.

He hopes that MuvBud can be the tool to help young semi-professionals to take the next step from youth level to masters level.

Furthermore, it can become a helpful solution for amateurs and semi-professionals to train consciously and remain healthy while doing that.


As you can see MuvBud is much more than just a blog. Writing posts on subjects that are the closest to the athletes is just one part of our journey.

In the near future, we plan on coming out with a platform that will change the way you train. This means that don’t forget to subscribe, because who knows, maybe you can get your hands on it earlier than others 😉

This article sparked something in you and you think we could do something together to help athletes reach new levels?
Write to us about your ideas at [email protected].

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