About us

About MuvBud

MuvBud is a tool that helps athletes and sport teams win without forgetting the personal development.

We support athletes with helping them prepare plans, train consciously, set goals, improve communication and much more.

Why we are doing MuvBud

We are a team of athletes and sport enthusiasts who have realized during our own careers, that sport is not only physical preparation.

There are a tons of apps and tools to track your training, but professional sport is much more – mentality, discipline, focus, planning, goal setting and communication.
Getting strong is easy, but to become the next sport legend, athlete has to master all other parts of sport as well.

Every road to success is different, but with MuvBud we want to help athletes
along their way. Read more about MuvBud in the blog post.

Our Mission

To be a part of a future top athletes’ journeys on becoming an Olympic winners.

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Meet the minds

Oliver Orav smiling

Oliver Orav

Founder & CEO

Oliver has studied and worked in information technology as a tech lead. Currently he is doing masters in international business management.

He is an active athlete and plays volleyball on a professional level. He has won several Estonian Championship titles and has been part of the Estonian national volleyball team. To add to that, he has also played and coached indiaca teams and won indiaca World Cup in 2015 and runner-up in 2019 with three teams.

Oliver wants to create a platform that can help to make the decisions consciously and have all the possible data in one place.

Denis Losnikov

Founder & Marketing

Denis has finished product development and marketing specialty in the university. For the past years he has been working as a digital marketing specialist.

Denis is also an active athlete. He was the best youth player in 2013 and since then has won various titles as a member of the Estonian national men volleyball team and Selver Tallinn volleyball club. In addition, Denis has been a sports team manager as well and has valuable insights on how to design the product with athletes, coaches, and clubs in mind.

Denis believes that MuvBud could be the tool that enables young athletes to get back on the correct track and reach new levels.

Denis smiling
Joonas computer

Joonas Kaljumäe

Partner & Sales

Joonas has studied marketing and entrepreneurship and is currently doing BA in information systems development. He has worked several years in tourism and accommodation, but in the past few years as a manager in the family business.

He he has done different kinds of sports since kindergarten – competition dancing, tennis and been part of the youth football team. Still, for the last ten years, he has actively played basketball and been a fan of the NBA.

Joonas sees that our platform will help a lot of sportsmen to save time and encourage them to focus on keeping their body and mind healthy.

Ahto Orav

Partner & mentor

Ahto is an experienced manager, recognized trainer, consultant, and ILM certified mentor. He has had an executive role in multiple different companies and is currently the head of the Estonias largest private education concern.

He has been an active amateur athlete for all of his life in different sports – tennis, volleyball, indiaca. With indiaca, he has won the World Championship in 2004 and 2013 as a player and 2017 as a coach. He has also used his leadership and management skills by founding the International Indiaca Association and Estonian Indiaca Federation (also president 1999-2007).

Ahto hopes that MuvBud can be the tool to help young semi-professionals to take the next step from youth level to masters level.

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