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Quick and easy training session planner and tracker with analytics. Improve your physical and mental performance. Make each workout session an effective one!

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Keep track of your training program

Record all your trainings in one place. We provide tools to establish patterns that you can maximize the period where you feel like a beast!  A key to success is having consistently good workouts!

Oh, you are a coach?
MuvBud helps you to analyse sport data, how your group of athletes are performing and developing. Plan properly next training sessions  and share information easily with the whole group or for individual athletes.


MuvBud is not just an ordinary workout log. We help you to craft better goals and create battle plan achieving them! We help you to do performance analysis and keep you on track! Keep yourself motivated and reach new milestones.

Training log

Keep your mind healthy and follow your goals without distractions. Improve your sport pshychology. Create and maintain calendar with trainings and competitions.

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Online community

Communicate easily with your training group and coaches. Share your multimedia files or ask help from support staff.

Sport Data Analytics

Get easy overview with reports & summaries. MuvBud keeps you motivated with gentle tips and reminders.


Meet The Minds

Our team has a perfect combination of professional athletes and skillful experts, who want to improve athletes everyday life.

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Pricing structure

MuvBud platform for organisations uses flexible “per user” pricing, so you’ll never have to pay for more than you need.

Paying monthly “per-user” basis means organisation will always pay for the number of users they have on the team.  The pricing is progressive, so the more users organisation has, the lower the average price per user. 

We got smaller teams also covered.  Teams with 20 users and under can take advantage of a special 20€/monthly flat rate.