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Complete solution for sports teams and clubs, combining training diary, data analysis, communication, and athlete development

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Our goal

A better way to manage the team and develop athletes

Managing and developing a team can be a headache.
Doing trainings and competitions are just the tip of the iceberg. Teams also have to plan trainings, develop players and share information between different team members is time-consuming and stressful.

We are here to change that. We will provide a simple platform that will help day-to-day activities and allow coaches and players to focus on the most important part โ€” winning!

Instead of

Using multiple tools and platforms, get everything from one place

Having training plans, information, and data scattered across different apps and tools can be troublesome and time-consuming.

Obtaining the latest, updated information is annoying and can lead to confusion.

Doing sports without a clear purpose, set SMART goals and follow on their progress

Goals helps to keep your focus and stay motivated. Without goals, you are running “blind” and you cannot see your progress โ€” which in the end can be demotivating and gives reasons to give up and quit.

Have a final target in your mind you want to achieve. Split them into thousands of tiny goals and start achieving them. Start with small steps.

Picture showing app analytics

Basing your decisions on a hunch, use up-to-date analytics to decide on the best outcome

Athletes have many factors that affects their wellness and can decrease their athletic performance.

Lack of insight into the mental and physical condition of athletes can lead to stress, overtraining and unpleasant injuries.

Core features

Assistant coach in your pocket

Keep your athletes healthy and save valuable time by easily managing training plans and having a daily overview of your athletes’ mental and physical shape

Athlete analytics

See athletes’ well-being which helps coaches to plan better future practises


Talk with your teammates, share multimedia files and create training plans

Personal training calendar

Up-to-date calendar with your personal and training group events

Multiple training groups

Info regarding different training groups is accessible with ease

Our founders

We are also athletes and know the struggle

We are a team of athletes and sport enthusiasts who have realized, during our own careers, that sport is not only physical preparation.

There are tons of apps and tools to track your training, but professional sport is much more โ€“ mentality, discipline, focus, planning, goal setting and communication.
Getting strong is easy, but to become the next sports legend, an athlete has to master all the other parts of sport as well.

Every road to success is different, but with MuvBud we want to help athletes along their way. Read more about MuvBud in the blog post ยป